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Garrett was born and raised in San Francisco and moved to Colorado in 1994. As a high level athlete, Garrett was on ESPN at the age of 17, becoming a high school All American in track & field, which led to a full ride college scholarship. After returning from college, he was a substitute teacher but quickly realized that he missed the energy of athletics. After five years or so of wearing a suit every day and living the cubical life, he decided to change direction in a major way; leaving his well-paying job to focus on his love of sports and helping people reach their goals.
Garrett returned to his passion of coaching and competing, and he has been coaching and running gyms since 2010. Garrett is a retired professional fighter, and it shows in his energy when coaching classes. He is infamous for pushing members to the brink, if not beyond, their comfort level. You may hate him during class, but you’ll love him after—especially when you see all the calories you’ve burned.
A Heather America 
Ice Cream, I can never get enough.
The water rower
We’d love for you to meet our Head Trainer, Heather Doyle. She has been with us since our very first class almost 3 years ago and loves the Orangetheory Fitness atmosphere more and more every day.
As a high school student, she loved to play volleyball and basketball and was very competitive, but in college she started to put on the weight and make bad lifestyle choices. After getting married and having 3 kids, she found herself 100 pounds overweight and very unhappy. But then, she took her first Turbo Kick Boxing class, fell in love with group fitness and decided to become a teacher. From there, her passion for fitness has only grown from group instructor (teaching Zumba, Bodypump, Step, Turbo Kick, HIIT), to personal trainer, to now head trainer and wellness coach. She has set up our Fit Team to make sure that each member has the attention and plan in place to meet all their fitness goals.

Energetic and always ready to sing and dance in class, Heather makes the most of every hour spent at OTF. After all you are only 1 workout away from a better mood!
Nebraska native and graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), Ben received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science in 2013. Ben’s passion for fitness has been an integral part of his life for almost ten years. In school, he played various sports including baseball, soccer, and rugby; and took interest in full marathon distance running and powerlifting. He competed nationally for powerlifting at the high school level. In college, through work at Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue, Ben began teaching swim lessons for children and coaching adults in swim conditioning. He had the opportunity to coach para-rescuers and prospective Navy Seals to reach their swimming and endurance goals. He commonly worked with military personnel, helping them to achieve their fitness testing targets.
In addition to group exercise, Ben has experience in one-on-one personalized training and corporate wellness. He worked as a corporate wellness trainer for Fit In The City Inc. in Omaha, and personal trained at the university health and wellness center. In January 2014, Ben and his wife planted new roots in Broomfield, Colorado to begin lifelong careers and start a family. His journey has led him to Orangetheory Fitness, where he is proud to share his passions and knowledge.
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